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Using Ingredients that actually Nourish us is the REASON Organic Bytes started, that's why being transparent in what ingredients we use is key. Please find a list of all the ingredients in our cakes and bytes below.

Sifted Flour

Flours | Powders

Organic almond flour

Organic coconut flour

Organic tapioca flour

Organic cocoa powder

Organic arrowroot Starch 

Image by Jo.


Organic dates

Organic maple syrup

Organic coconut sugar

Organic monkfruit

Colored Eggs

Eggs | Egg Substitutes

Organic eggs

Organic flax eggs 

Glass of Milk

Milks | Creams | Oils

Organic unsweetened coconut milk

Organic unsweetened almond milk

Organic coconut oil

Organic unsweetened coconut cream


Fruits | Veggies | Nuts |Seeds
Organic fruits & veggies
Organic Cashews
Organic Almonds
Organic Chia Seeds


Free from artificial colours


Includes natural dyes from Turmeric, Spirulina, and more natural sources

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