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Our Story

Organic Bytes started with deep love for whole foods and deep yearning for non-guilty CAKE options. We are two sisters with diverse backgrounds - one of us holding a PHD in Chemical Engineering, and the other a reputable business Founder in the Natural Health Products space. Today, we both came to a compelling conclusion: we realized that yummy cakes that are free of refined sugars and white flours and are instead filled with organic ingredients that actually nourish us IS POSSIBLE. We just had to make these tastey, nourishing delicacies ourselves! Although we don’t have any diet restrictions, we are in tune with our bodies enough to feel when food does us good - versus not so good.


Our family values growing up were always rooted in eating healthy and wholesome foods - not for the sake of trendy diets, but simply for the ultimate purpose of exquisite flavour and nourishment. While the “mainstream” markets are now catching on to our demand for more unprocessed, whole food options - we simply could not find an aesthetically pleasing cake that checks all the boxes for health & flavour, at least in Toronto! So our joy for baking, design, and making people feel AMAZING inside & out organically led to, well, Organic Bytes! 


Although we don’t subscribe to any food labels, we respect that everyone’s on their own food journey. Hence, we cater to those with varying restrictions and preferences, offering Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, and Lactose Free options that are not just subbed with artificial sweeteners or starches, but that hold true to our mission in using only nutrient-rich and high-quality ingredients. We choose the best suppliers that offer 100% organic ingredients - and we never cut any corners in ensuring our cakes are truly the BEST for serving your body, mind & soul!


With love and gratitude, 


Samira & Yasaman

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